Shark Sightings

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SLS NSW report drones will not be flown at SOUTH NARRABEEN, Warringah at 11:56 am on 16 Apr 2021. Please be #SharkSmart.


Suburb: Warringah

Location: (-33.724996, 151.299644)

SLS NSW report drones will not be flown at DEE WHY, Warringah at 11:33 am on 16 Apr 2021. Please be #SharkSmart.

Beach: DEE WHY

Suburb: Warringah

Location: (-33.75014, 151.299344)

DPI Fisheries advise: tagged bull shark detected by Bondi Beach, Sydney receiver at 16-Apr-2021 11:23:00 AM (AEST)

Beach: BONDI

Suburb: Waverley

About Tagged shark detection shark

Stocky shape. Flat snout.

Alternative names: river whaler, freshwater whaler, Swan River whaler.

The bull shark, Carcharhinus leucas, is found along coastlines in tropical and subtropical oceans, and in Australia occurs from central NSW coast, across the northern coast to Perth, Western Australia.

It is the only widely distributed shark that penetrates far into fresh water for extended periods where it sometimes breeds. Females normally give birth in estuaries and river mouths and the young can remain in the river for up to 5 years.

It is a dangerous shark due to its aggressive nature, powerful jaws, broad diet, abundance, and its habitat preference for shallow, murky inshore waters. It has a short snout which is wider than it is long, hence the name. Adults can range from 2 to 3.5 metres in length and up to 230 kg in weight. Bull sharks will eat almost anything including fish, other sharks and rays, turtles, birds, molluscs, crustaceans and dolphins. The teeth are triangular, saw-edged and very sharp. The belly is usually off-white, the top surface grey and the eyes small.

Length: 2.4 m

Weight: 130 kg

Location: (-33.896499, 151.280312)

SLS NSW report UAV OFFLINE DUE TO STRONG WEATHER CONDITIONS at NOBBYS HEAD, Newcastle at 12:04 pm on 17 Apr 2021. Please be #SharkSmart.


Suburb: Newcastle

Location: (-32.92, 151.8)

SLS NSW report drones will not be flown at NOBBYS, Newcastle at 12:11 pm on 16 Apr 2021. Please be #SharkSmart.


Suburb: Newcastle

Location: (-32.92, 151.79)